CPU Cooler for i5-750 & NZXT Hades

Greetings all.

This is a follow up of my previous post here regarding which cpu cooler is best for me and the unanimous answer was Cooler Master 212 Hyper Plus.
I was planning to take it up until i came across a page NZXT Hades where buyers' reviews claimed that this cpu cooler will not be able to fit into NZXT Hades due to a 200mm Side Fan of the casing.

Edited: I'm not too sure how to post a link here properly.

*CPU Heatsink clearance: 131.5mm w/ 200mm fan, 165mm w/o side fan installed.

This is what one of the buyers commented and i suppose i will have to look elsewhere for another decent but smaller cpu cooler.
Within the same link another buyer recommended ThermoLab BADA as an alternative CPU Cooler, but after check various local website(I live in Singapore) I believe this CPU Cooler may not be available, so I would like to ask

1) Any other alternative gd CPU Cooler u guys could recommend on which will fit into the NZXT Hades Casing?

2) If I actually take Cooler Master 212 Hyper Plus and remove the 200m side fan of the casing, will it result in repercussions such as temp rise/airflow problem for all other components of my desktop.

Thx in advance to all.
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  1. I'd be inclined to remove the side fan unless you have some serious graphics cards in there - side fans help cool GPUs.

    Make sure you have good airflow front-to-back though and you should be fine.
  2. Hi, I'm using XFX 5850.
    For furmark test i get 78~>80deg at all load with ATI Overdrive.
    With MSI Afterburner I keep my gpu @ 63deg(or 60% cannot remember) at full load with 50% fan spd.
    (100% fan speed will only get less than 8deg more so no pt and 50% is already quite loud, XFX users should agree with me)

    My gpu fan normally runs around 25%~~30% on idle mode(30% if run cpu intensive prog).
    My question will be for the fan spd mention, how much temp rise will be experienced should i remove the side fan. Will it be very significant or it will be just a few deg for both idle/load.

    I'm a bit concern abt the removal of a fan for that may mean i have to have high gpu fan spd (Noise & Fan lifespan concern).

    Airflow wise should be alright since the wiring done by my OEM was quite professional. From the Hades Sensor i see that temp in my casing range from 23deg ~28deg(Max is 33deg), is this a decent temp?

    *One separate question: Heard the thermal paste along with CM 212 Hyper Plus really sucks. So will anyone share exp or suggest a best thermal paste to apply.

    A million thx.
  3. we have the air type cooling , water type cooling,liquid nitrogen type cooling
    some day add to new type cpu cooler.
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