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a friend of mine asked me to help him fix a computer that does not boot fully. the system starts up and shows the connected drives; DVD Rom and the hard drive. I connected a hard drive from another computer with an XP operating system and when it began to load the it showed the blue screen. i put the drive back into the computer i got it and it fully booted. so i tried to repair. i put an XP CD into the CD rom, and the system booted from CD with out give me an option of pressing any loaded all the files and rebooted but it refused to continue the installation but kept booting from CD every time it started. when i removed the CD it displayed boot failure, insert boot device....
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  1. Hard drive from another computer???? NEVER WORK,,, UNLESS,, the chipsets are exactly identical, me thinks you should consider wiping and reinstalling clean, OR if you have a bootable floppy/or other device, you can start the reinstall from Dos and go until offered the selection to repair previous install, saved my bacon a time or two...:)
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