Ddr3 memory to fit 775 socket

i have a EVGA nforce 790i ultra SLI motherboard, and need DDR3 LV memory for it. I have tried all the stores and it just leads to dead or discontinued. I have read there was some problems getting the DDR3 memory working with this chipset. I have seen some on ebay but would like some help or ideas before buying. Being an ultra this would have allowed me to run memory as afast as 2000mhz. But i was told by someone at cosair that the lower speed and of course lower voltage might work.
He also told me that the lv memory for the 1156 and 1366 sockets for Intel might work. but these are the I series cpu , so i really confused now.
Please any help
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  1. Desktop ddr3 is all the same size. Check the voltage specs before ordering. 1.65 is the maximum recommended voltage for any ddr3. 1.5 should work in your board if it's low voltage. The higher 1800 and 2000 speed ddr3 is not low voltage.
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