Scsi raid controller?

i have a procom netforce 4200c
2x xeon 3.06ghz single core
6gb ddr266 pc2100
SE7501WV2 mother board
STAYTON-W2 SCSI interface board

i want to get a 18.3gb quantum atlas V to respond i have no other drives to test if the drive is defective
the front hot swap is raid compatible but it show any other drives other then SCI flash 6.1.0 which does nothing for me i have entered bios and it only reads ide drives and doesn't show the SCSI controller do i have to upgrade the bios? its the base bios that came with the machine in 2002. in 2005 intel released a bios update i have no idea how to install it would that fix the controller problem? or is there something deeper i need to look into?
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  1. help please
  2. If it isn't detected, then it could be the hard disk, but if no SCSI drives are detected and everything else is fine (cable properly terminted, etc.) then the controller is defective. Can't you get a replacement hard disk to try it? Old SCSI drives are inexpensive (and slow by current standards).
  3. i found that nothing is defective the drive powers up leds flash and the controller in not in bios because the intel front hot swap was not in p09 after running through pdf manuals

    GhislainG thank you but i have plenty of parts none are defective as of to my knowledge. I'm using this as a learning experience. I think the bios is just out dated the bios P09 has no idea that the front SCSI raid controller in there so now my next question.

    how do i do update the bios to activate the raid controller?
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