What CPU will match this motherboard

Ok, I'm a noob. I've tried to read the faqs but I can't make head or tails of most of it, sorry!
I recently bought a GPU to improve games. It has helped but my CPU is holding me back now.
I'd like to upgrade my CPu but don't know what CPU will work with my PC. And also, if also buying a Motherboard would be advisable. Any help would be GREAT!

My Pc is a Dell Vostro 200.Its a Tower model
CPU is Dual Core Processor 2140@1.6GHz, 1596 MHz
Motherboard ID 1.0.3-6A79O009C-00(is this needed!?)
ATI Radeon 4650HD GPU(i bought this card for it)

Any help? Or do you need more info?

Many thanks in advance again
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  1. Upgrading cpus for dells is tricky and involves some guesswork. Looks like your board has a g33 chipset. I would go for a used e6600 at 1066 fsb or even a q6600 quad core if you get it for around $110. Starmicro carries oem cpus new. Your board probably won't work with 1333 fsb cpus. You can also post your question on one of the dell forums and see what others have used. I would post a request for a used one on craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum. Used cpus can be had much cheaper. The e6600 has been listed for around $70-80 recently.
  2. i understood half the words you used there, so proud of myself!
    thanks o1die, i'll have a look around for this e6600 and also post on dell forum.
    cheers mate
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