Hitachi xl 2000 external hard drive

I recently purched a Hitachi xl 2000 external hard drive storage unit. After pluging in the hard drive into my usb port and turning it on, there is no script to add or delete information to the storage device. My computer does recognize the storage device, but has no further information to address this problem
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  1. Umm, we have no idea what you mean by a "script to add or delete information to the storage device."

    There are two possibilities. First, you just want to use it for storage. If the computer does recognize it, and assigns a drive letter, you just create folders in the root of that drive letter and copy files to them. (Make sure that these are not your only copies, or that losing the files will not upset you. Otherwise, have backups of them somewhere.)

    If you wisely bought the drive as a backup device, you need to run backup software. The drive probably came without backup software, but Windows has it built-in.

    Let us know which is your situation, or if I missed yours, and we will provide specific help.
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