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How Good Is Closed Loop Coolers Compared To Custom?

I'm gonna (maybe not) get a $130 custom water cooling kit. The thing is that should I even try custom water cooling or should I just snap in a H100i and get good temps? How big of a difference is there between them? To be more specific I'm talking about the H100i or XSPC Raystorm EX240. My last experiance with water cooling was with a H70 in a already built computer with some toilet paper, alcohol and a single screw driver. It was hard and took me hours and now I hate those things. So how hard is custom? Is it really worth getting?
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  1. The Raystorm kit is a great start for getting into water cooling IMO. I've found installation of custom loops to be a little easier physically since you aren't wrestling against the pre-installed tubes and wires constanly hanging in the way but... mentally, there is more of a challenge since you have to 'visualize' your loop before installation and then hope everything fits as you visualized it would. Once that is figured out, it really is an easier installation IMO.
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    You are unsure as to the benefits/drawbacks of a simple set up yet you are advising someone in another thread on an advanced custom project?
    Walk first young one :)
    I rarely get stroppy but if you want to advise folks, know what you are doing first.
    The EX240 stomps the H100,
    better pump ,better flow, better rad, and assuming you use Distilled water and a coil better coolant,
    in addition to that, you get the experience of designing, installing, bleeding and testing the loop yourself, all invaluable skills in this game,
    If you want in the wetclub, do yourself the best favour you can and get the kit,
    theres also a section in the sticky covering all in one coolers but check the whole thing out, theres a lot in there for all of us
  3. Watercooling isn't that difficult, but if you don't read, learn and understand what you are doing you can easily ruin a lot of expensive hardware. Again, it's not rocket surgery, but you really need to know what you are doing before you start doing it.
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