Does cas latecy really make a difference?

Well I'm building a new i7 920 stystem and I would like to know wether cas 9 would be good enough and wether it would slow down my system. Or is it better to go for cas lotency 7 or 6?
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  1. As always, wikipedia shouldn't be used as a reference source, but the basic information is accurate.

    Your system will perform a little faster with CAS 6 or CAS 7. Whether or not that's noticeable in day-to-day usage is another matter. However, CAS 7 isn't that much more expensive than CAS 9 most of the time, so you might as well at least get 7, especially if you're already dropping a bunch on an i7-920 (why not a 930?).

    You might not notice lower CAS during short periods of gaming, but if you're doing significant number-crunching or editing, or you want that extra edge vs. your opponents in an FPS game, I would expect it to be noticeable in the long run.
  2. also another question if above 1.5 vlts fries my cpu why is most ram 1.65?
  3. Where did you hear that 1.5 volts would fry your processor? As far as I know, the limit is 1.65 volts for i5/i7.
  4. well that's what I heard aswell but according to intel 1.5 is recommended and above 1.55 damages your cpu
  5. Can you provide a link to where you read that? I haven't heard that from any source.
  6. 1.65 V is the limit for most CPUs. So, do not worry. If you are going to overclock, make sure you get a damn good heatsink @_@
  7. Srry I don't remember where I read it but I'm pretty sure it said this: "the recommended voltage for ram for the i7 is 1.5v(+/- 5%) otherwise it could damage the cpu." And If I would overclock I would buy an NH-U12P SE2 or a similar one i think that should be ok am I right?
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