CPU Glue?

Yesterday I was cleaning my computer from dust and decided to do it properly.
I therefor took out my heatsink and fan of the CPU.
I cleaned it up and put it back in.
I did notice that after a few minutes when playing games the computer began to lagg.
According to SpeedFan the GPU ran 10-20 degrees C cooler than normal so thats not the problem.
But I think there was glue between the heatsink and CPU which i broke.

Okay so four questions:

If I have got it right, the glue delivers the heat to the heatsink?

So the CPU is probably a lot warmer than normal, and runs slower?

If so, do I have to put new glue there? And how do I do that?

Is it okay to use the computer today as I don't think I can fix this tomorrow?

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  1. its not glue, its TIM (thermal interface material) and yes, its job is to transfer the heat from the CPU to the heatsink.
    if you remove the heatsink, you must ALWAYS remove the old tim with isopropyl alcohol and then apply a new layer. otherwise you will experience heat issues liek the ones you are getting.

    just go to a decent computer store ot website, and buy some isopropyl alcohol, and decent TIM such as TX3 or AS5.
  2. 1) Yes, thermal paste helps the heat get transferred off the CPU.
    2) Most likely.
    3) Yes, you'll need to buy a small tube. First clean off both surfaces with some alcohol and then reapply a small amount and reseat the HSF.
    4) I wouldn't recommend it.
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