Overclocking 3930k and ram

Merry Christmas everyone,

i have a question regarding a recent overclock i just done, please find below my system specs

corsair tx750 psu
asus rampage iv extreme
intel 2011 3930k @ 3.2ghz (overclocked to 4.0ghz)
6gb corsair dominator gt ddr3 ram @2000mhz (overclocked to 2200mhz)
asus gtx 690
corsair neutron gtx ssd 2 x 240gb

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

now thats out of the way, my question is i have overclocked my cpu to 4.0ghz from 3.2ghz and also my ram from 2000mhz to 2200mhz. now especially my cpu i thought that me overclocking it an extra 800mhz i would see quite an improvement in fps but my games increase are as follows far cry 3 an extra 8fps, battlefield 3 extra 4fps, crysis 2 extra 4fps, guild wars 2 an extra 2 and just cause 2 minus 1fps.

is that normal as i was expecting to see better results since an extra 800mhz and also the ram running 200mhz faster i would also like to add that i overclocked my cpu using cpu level up via bios (since im not used to overclocking and i dont know where to find info on what setting i should change), should i have done it manually and if so would i see better results. I see on some website that some people have better frame rate but mainly their ram is 16gb and is only running at 1600mhz. would i be better off just getting more ram and if so would that increase the performance.

thanks in advanced
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  1. I'll give it to you the easy way. First, not all games run the same. BF3 is more GPU dependent than say, Planetside 2. It depends on how much focus the game puts on the CPU to even see a gain from overclocking. If you're running a game that will only utilize 20% of your processors power, you may not even see a boost from overclocking.

    The RAM, in most respect anything above the 1866mhz barrier really doesn't make a huge performance leap over the next stage down. So overclocking ram that is already running at 2000Mhz isn't going to net you much for a profit when it comes to FPS gains.

    Now many of the games you've listed are mostly GPU dependent. Not that overclocking the CPU wouldn't help them a little bit in the playing field, but the GPU is going to determine a large amount of the FPS coming from the game. So basically, even if you have most epic CPU overclock and ram, if you have a low end graphics card, the games aren't going to perform well at all. Your GPU is quite powerful actually and I don't see why you'd even want more FPS. That card should easily play any game at max settings on a few monitors for quite some time. But if you really want more FPS that badly, I'd look into overclocking the GPU, not the CPU.
  2. I do understand that some games are more demanding like guild wars 2 when in ave with about 15+ online players onscreen the fps can drop to around 30 and far cry 3 in the jungle the frames are at 60+ but in the villages it can drop to around 35. What is the best way of overclocking the gpu, I have Asus gputweak installed is that ok, if so do you know what setting I who pump up.

    Thanks for your reply, hope you has a good Christmas day.
  3. I use GPUTweak and love it. You'll have to slowly increase the Mhz to gain an overclock. There will be a point where the video card will start becoming unstable. Sometimes it will throw the entire video output off and you'll have to reboot. Either way, that time is either when you start pumping more voltage into the GPU or backing off a few notches and settling with it.

    Personally this is how I'm set up just to give you an example.

    i7-2600k 3.4Ghz clocked to 4.4Ghz
    2x Asus GTX550Ti Stock 910mhz clocked to 1000mhz (both cards) NO voltage added.

    I don't like pumping voltage into my GPU's as it reduces their lifespan more than I care to take from them in my experience. I've had three cards die in under three years when I was tossing additional voltages too them. So, I tend to stay with none to very little voltage increases.
  4. Ok brilliant, thank you very much for your help
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