Usb speed - how to tell running speed of usb2.0 port

Hello, took me 12 hours to copy 60GB to USB2.0 drive. Running on Dell XPS M1210 with built in usb2.0 ports. That's USB1.1 speed. Any ideas where my problem is? How can I tell the running speed of a USB port?
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  1. Flash drive or external hdd? Flash drives are significantly slower, especially during write operations, and even external HDDs are usually 5400rpm so sometimes they cant saturate usb 2.0 all the time. You can just download a number of programs that measure read/write speeds to drives and test it out.
  2. Hi, If you want to know the true wrting speek of HD, better use one huge file and times the transfert as many smaller files takes much greater time to transfer. And like bavman said, 5400 rpm drives are much slower then usb2 at transfer speed
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