Computer screen will not fill 23" monitor entirely

I bought a Dell inspiron 546 that comes with a intigrated ATI radeon HD3200 graphics card recently. I also purchased an 23" ASUS VH-232H
monitor. For some reason the desktop screen won't fill the entire 23 inch screen. I'm getting black bars around the edges of the monitor. Is this a limitation of the video card or something I'm missing with the settings? Thanks in advance for your help.
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  1. are you running the native res for your monitor?
  2. Yes, I running the recommended resolution of 1920 x1080.
  3. Are you sure you dont have any settings in your graphics drivers that are making your image "maintain aspect ratio" or "use centered timings"? I believe you want something like "scale image to full panel size".
  4. On some monitors, they have a option named auto and it would center and stretch to fit the monitor
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    I agree with the suggestions above --I am certain the computer is capable of filling the screen if you mess around with your settings on both the monitor and computer.

    However, to clarify what you have is a integrated graphic chip--not a graphics card. The HD3200 is pretty weak for a big monitor, and if you want better video performance at 1920 x1080 you might consider getting an inexpensive graphic card for around $20-30. An ATI HD 4350 or 4550 would give you a pretty decent boost.
  6. go into CCC and go under the "Desktop and Display" tab. Right click on your monitor and select configure. Under one of the tabs above there should be a menu displaying a slider named "scaling" or something. Set that to 0% and your monitor should display at full res.

    Monitors using HDMI input would default having 10% of the edge cut off for some reason. Wonder which genius thought that was a good idea.
    I am using a Dual link DVI monitor right now so that option is not available for me, sry I can't be more percise. You shoul be able to find it though.
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