I5 turbo boost over-overclocking, wtf?

I really need something answered and any suggestions as to what to do with my seemingly apparent problem.

Hi I seem to be one of the unfortunate owners of the ACER Aspire 5740G with the new core i5 430m processor and i have a concern.

i ran a CPU stress test yesterday via everest and both the cpuid and the i5 gadget (on desktop showing boost frequency)

ARE BOTH reporting as only what i can see as the programming of the turbo boost feature reporting the processor to be over-overclocking if thats what i can call it... when it goes into boost mode for example core i5 2.26 (idle) boost> 2.53 right?

thats normal but im getting boost frequencies during the overclock cycle of in exess of 4 ghz!!!? and that's viewing it on multiple processor monitoring tools then when the processor heats up it throttles back to 2.26 and cools down then does it again man it load S*** quickly when it does it though! 3d's max 2010 64 bit under 15 seconds easy normally takes about min and a half...=( but processor gets hot quickly ramps up to 85 deg then it throttles back to around 50 deg 30 deg- to 50 deg is around idle temp i would assume

any thoughts would be greatly appreciated i could do a screenshot just to prove it but i cbf'd... and i S*** you all not!

regards pete
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  1. Well, it's either a program glitch or a faulty chip.
  2. Just a shot in the dark but have you tried re-setting your BIOS to optimised defaults?
  3. yes thats what i thought too and yes i will try re- setting my bios i hav screenshot of processor reaching 8.42 ghz in boost mode

    what do you guys think should i back up all my data and send the computer away to be asessed for warranty purposes? just incase the thing breaks after some time? cos this can possibly be doing the cpu any good
  4. 8.42GHz? This is smelling more and more like a troll.
  5. like a said no s*** i just flashed the bios of the acer update website but it still seems some of the programs i run are conflicting with the processor im looking at the voltage and it rises accordingly with the giant pickups i do have a different cooling system installed and have taken it to 3 pc tech guys who claim no charge if they cant fix it and it has each and everyone of them stumped they came down to bad programming and i thought i should turn to a hardware mods forum for some hopefully useful explanations to my apparent problem dxdiag screws it around and it even occurs under a cpu stress test i have one real time cpu monitoring tool that records the spikes too and they mach those displayed in the turbo boost gadget
  6. well screenshots please
    its not that i dont trust you but this sounds very bizarre!
    even with screenshots we may not belive you completely. but id like to see them anyway. thanks
  7. but like i said as soon as it happens its gone because the processor heats up too quickly then it cools down and does it again i really dont have a good place to put a screenshot up with recording a 4+ghz spike and im not telling tall tales here i think i actually have a problem =(

    WHY OH WHY didnt i just get a qosimo i7?????
  8. return it and get a different brand laprop
  9. And no programs conflict with a cpu. My guess is the OP is just multiplying the clock speed by the core count.
  10. Obviously a software fault - NOTHING can hit 8GHz without a serious power system supporting it an LN2 cooling.
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