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Hi guys I want to know what you think about the stuff I've been looking at to watercool 2 7970s and a 3770k. Can you tell me if it would work? Is the pump strong enough to cope with 2 7970s and a 3770k (not overclocked)

For my CPU :

GPS blocks (there different because one is msi lightning and one is referance msi) :

Referance msi waterblock :

Ok there's obviously all the fittings coolant and tubing and stuff but just want to know wether this would work and if not can you tell me what to get. I just heard that the pump might not be powerful enough and I don't know anything about watercooling so I need help. :bounce:
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  1. Eh. I've never been for water cooling GPUs, it helps but isn't really necessary - the coolers that came with the card are very sufficient.
    As for your CPU, watercooling is really only good if you overclock. If you're not gonna do that I'd say save your cash, invest in something in like a Hyper 212+ or EVO, 30$ and very silent air coolers. If you do plan to overclock HIGH, I'd say the H80i/H100i are great, they're closed loop systems so you never have to clean out anything - you just need to free the rad of dust every 6 of months, and they offer online coolant temperature checking.
  2. I had h 100 and thermal take frio but still get like 60+ on load but my GPRS are the problem they are fairly new and ther get so loud and get like 90+ degrees c on fc3 but even compared with my other 6970 cf setup the 6970s are a lot quieter than my 7970s my referance 7970 gets a lot hotter than my msi lightning tho
  3. What settings were you use on the H100, and what is the cooling like inside your case? I'm sure if you got some 120mm fans mounted by the GPUs, and fiddled with the settings of the GPU fans, you'll get a cool & quiet operation.
  4. Bitfenix colossus ( by the way stupid auto word correction on the ipad is very irritating) yeah so not so good airflow but I really don't want to get new case. The h100 It was oh highest but it was ticking ( the pump) so it's in the cupboard)...
  5. Just change up the air flow! That's a smarter, more affordable idea.
  6. Ok I'm happy to leave watercooling out because I'm not a huge fan of it but how would you guys improve airflow? I mean I don't have side fans and I only really have front and top and back.
  7. And I don't want to mod my case because I suck at it :) I thought of getting a slot cooler for extra cooling between my cards? Is that a good idea?
  8. Also do you guys think I should get an aftermarket gpu cooler?
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