* My DVD player doesn't recognize CD's ? *

I finished building my computer in January, but since then, I have had a problem playing CD's. My player plays DVDs just fine, but it doesn't recognize CDs. This was my first build so I might have forgotten to plug something up. Does anyone have suggeestions on what might be the problem? I don't even know where to start.

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  1. You could start by providing the make and model of your DVD player.
  2. what software do you have installed to play the CDs? and whatr kind of CDs are they? store bought? or burned?
  3. I have a Memorex 16X double layer. I have tried all CDs (store bought, burned....). The burned Cds that I'm currently using are Memorex CD-R 52X.

  4. If it's this one (http://reviews.cnet.com/dvd-drives/memorex-16x-double-layer/4505-3212_7-31109465.html), then RMA it as it definitely is compatible with CDs.
  5. yes, it is that one. But I was wondering if I was missing a connection or something. I connected the DVD player to my power supply, but thats it. Is that the only connection I need for it to work? Or do I need to also connect it to something else ?
  6. You also connected the IDE cable to your motherboard, didn't you? Otherwise you couldn't read DVDs on your system.
  7. ^ yes, haha...I forgot to mention that : )
  8. bigbonthabeat said:
    ^ yes, haha...I forgot to mention that : )
    In your original post, you wrote "My player plays DVDs just fine, but it doesn't recognize CDs." That's why we all incorrectly presumed that only CDs couldn't be read. Why did you buy an IDE instead of a SATA DVD-RW?
  9. I meant that I forgot to mention that I DID plug the IDE cable into the motherboard. And my player ONLY plays DVDS not Cds. The reason why I'm using an IDE is because I had this in another computer so instead of buying a new one, I just used this one.
  10. If it can't read data CDs, then the drive is defective. If it can't read other types of CDs, e.g. music CDs, then you may not have the required drivers/software installed.
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