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Hi i am planning on purchasing a amd am2+/am3 socket based motherboard.
i wanted to know which board with good integrated graphics performance could i choose.Till i buy a gpu card after i save money.
The on board GPU should be able to give decent fps in WOW cause that's the game i play the most also i have the beta for SC II so something that can support both...and my budget is around 100$.Yes i know that my pci-e lanes will be limited to 1 gpu later but i will need no more than that.
Also which integrated graphics in the given price range give better performance ATI/Nvidia.
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  1. bumping this up cause of no reply...
  2. No IGP will give you decent FPS in WOW without you turning all of the settings all the way down, its just the nature of it being an IGP. For an AMD board you are looking for a 790GX or 785G or 780G chipset, the 790GX is the fastest of the group, but the 785G is newest and uses less power than the 790GX or the 780G that it is based off of. The HD 3300 on the 790GX is the strongest IGP out there, but can still be beaten by a $50 discrete card so bear that in mind when you are picking your board.
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    785G based mobos have pretty much the best igp available... dont know about wow though...
  4. Thank you for the link....
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  6. i also wanted to know will these boards supposrt 5xxx series cards in crossfire x mode..
  7. only the 790GX will support crossfire as the 785G only offers 16/4 crossfire which will give you a significant performance penalty. The boards will support a single 5xxx series card.
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