Help me decide antec or seasonic

I have FINALLY narrowed to two choices.

Antec True Power 650W ($93 final Price)
Seasonic S12II 520W $79 (final price)

Is the Antec worth the 14$ more? Help me decide

My system:

asus p7p55D-E Pro
intel i5 -750
Powercolor Radeon HD4850
WD Black 640W
G.skill 4GB PC-12800
sony DVD writer

I will add another hard drive later and perhaps a blue ray writer(no SLI or crossfire)
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  1. Both PSU are fine at their price points. For your RIG the Seasonic PSU will suffice so go for that one.

    Antec PSU will give you more headroom for upgrade since it has higher wattage.
  2. These are the official recommended power requirements based on your graphics card:

    450 Watt or greater power supply with 75 Watt 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended (550 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)

    This applies to the whole system not just your card.

    Both brands have a very good reputation for consistently producing high quality PSUs. However as you can see from the above requirements, the 520W unit would be more than enough for your needs so that would be by recommendation.
  3. Thanks. I am inclined towards the Antec simply for the higher Wattage for possible future requirements. I was hoping someone had direct experience with either of thesePSU.On the other hand I may never need the 650W
  4. Not direct experience but you can more or less guarantee that they will be of high build quality from those two manufacturers. If you're worried you may require more than 520W or just want the scope for the future then go for the 650W. However, even if you do add that extra HDD and Blu-Ray Drive I wouldn't say you'd need more than 520W.
  5. Hmmm.... which Antec model? Is it the older Antec True Power or the new and improved Antec True Power New?

    The Antec True Power New is the better of the two Antec models.
  6. Its the new antec true power
  7. Then go for it! :D
  8. obsidian86 - nice rebate! :D
  9. i noticed they usually have the tp 750 on special which drops the price below the tp 650's very often

    if you wont need that much you can stick to the tp 650 or the corsair tx 650 which also has a nice rebate
  10. obsidian86 said:
    i noticed they usually have the tp 750 on special which drops the price below the tp 650's very often

    Quite often, I got mine for $96 no rebate involved.
    There are also weeks when they have it listed at retail :non:
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