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Hi everyone, hope you're all enjoying the holiday season. I'm planning on putting a watercooling system in my new rig and I just have a few details that need to be ironed out. Firstly, I plan on cooling my gpu but I have no idea on how to determine whether the card is reference or not. Currently I'm between two EVGA GTX 670's, this one and this one. Next I have a question about pump/res combos. I'm looking at a xspc dual bay res with the D5 vario in it. Is there any reason I should stay away from the combos? And finally, will a 420 and a 280 rad setup in only push configurations provide sufficient cooling for a cpu and gpu loop, will this pump be powerful enough, and will this be able to cool my system if I add in a second card sometime in the future?

Thanks in advanced.
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  1. W/c sticky is a great place to start building your watercooling knowledge, its at the top of the section, is a reference card
    I don't believe EVGA would have a non-ref version of the card, they have three versions that I can see so I'd conjure they are all reference Pcb,
    Throw a potential card into This to check block availability but stay away from EK Nickel blocks, copper/acetal is fine but not nickel
    and yes the pump will handle a second card
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