after i upgrade my vista to win 7 became blue and blard.i do have 32 bit only.what should i do??
please help me...
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  1. I have had the same problem after going from XP to win pro 64 bit. reinstall the drivers. you do mean blue as in BSOD right... well talk to the people online at EVGA public chat. they will help you. i went through many bsod 's and they helped with many of them. bsod's are mainly from bad drivers. list ur computers hardware... maybe we can help
  2. sudorc,

    hi thanks for helping AMD TURIONTM 64X2 MOBILE TECH TL-60
    2.00 GHz.its hp pavillion dv6000.special my dvd is no longer working too.i dont know what to do with my laptop.
    please help me buddy..
    thanks ...
  3. Your DVD drive is no longer working did you say? Sounds like a bad MB.
  4. this is a site i found to get ATI graphics drivers...

    hopefully this helps you. if they are blue screens they will have an error code... there are two types of BSOD's...

    -Ones that do a memory dump then restart the computer within 5 seconds. most of the time this type will have a specific file that is causing the problem... should be a .dll file
    towards the bottom above the Hex code it displays.

    -Ones that just sit there and look dumb... these usually don't have the specific file causing the problem.

    i will explain how to find these blue screens. i think there hidden within the computer.. there is a way to activate a windows system recorder or something like that. i will post this when i find everything else out...
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