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OK so I just bought the ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB3 and the ram kits I am looking at are:

G.Skill (
Mushkin (

Also I saw a pretty neat looking Mushkin Radioactive kit ( Are these any good? Thanks ahead.
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    I would go with the mushkin, I recently bought 4 gigs of gskill drr3 pc3 12800, and the RAM caused all kinds of problems with my new build. I have an asus sabertooth 55i and a i5 750. Seems like gskill has some serious combatibiltie issues with ASUS boards. I RMAd the kit and hopefully that will fix it. But my two cents are go with the mushkin. Gskill seems to be having some serious quality control issues and problems with ASUS boards especially AMD. Go to the Gskill forum. Not Pretty
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