GRAPHICS CARD.... new to this account.. solve my problem..i have 3500Rs...which graphics should i buy....wanted to play high games which graphics card requires..u people please suggest me..which graphics card should i buy......
core 2 duo 2.33 ghz(e6550)
dg33fb mother board
3GB DDR-2 ram

waiting for reply...:-)
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  1. Stretch your RS to a little bit more and buy an HD5670, or an HD4770. The two best-performing cards at that range.
  2. how much that cost....???
  3. irfanifse said:
    how much that cost....???

    That will greatly depend on where you live. Its best if you go looking online in your area and finding the price of the HD5670 and HD4770 that shadow suggested and post other cards within your price range aswell so we can see which will give you the best value.
  4. Seeing as most of us don't live where you do, please list what cards are available in your price range that you can buy. That way we aren't suggesting cards you can't find/afford.
  5. kk...i saw the cost of hd4770----7500Rs..its double than my budget...i thaught i could buy hd 5570,its original prize is $80 in US...but in india it cost 5800Rs....dont why they are selling for high prizes in chennai...:-(
  6. hey here the list of budget....:-)

    HD 4650 (1gb)---->3500RS
    nvidia 9500(1 gb)------>3525RS

    which one is better waiting for u reply
  7. The HD4650 is slightly better.
  8. Double check the specs for both cards. Make sure they are using 128bit memory bus and DDR3 memory. I wouldn't be surprised if one of those was crippled.
  9. The DDR3 HD4650 hasn't been available for a long while. The DDR2 version should still be slightly better than the 9500GT. But yes, make sure it has a 128 bit bus. Also the 1gb versions of those card offer no improvement on the 512mb versions so don't pay more for one.
  10. kkk....wats that 128 bit bus....??..sorry for asking..i dont know much abt graphics card...:-)
  11. It's the pathway the memory uses to carry data to the processor. It should be listed on the box or the product title/specs. Just make sure it isn't 64 bit although it probably isn't.
  12. Not sure I can prove it, but I've seen 64bit 1GB DDR2 cards before. Can't remember what chip they used. I also haven't looked at the 4650, so I have no idea how powerful it is. I don't normally look at cards that weak.
  13. tell me wat graphics card should i buy....:-)
  14. You still haven't answered the memory bandwidth question. JV said the 4650 should be faster even with a limited memory bus, thats very possible. I get the feeling they are more or less the same speed.
  15. Either card will satisfy you gaming wise, because they trade blows in each game and die a horrible death when you crank up the details.

    Now... If you ask me on the other capabilities of the card, I'd suggest the 4650 because of Audio decoding.

    Hope it helps.

  16. ya i checked..its 128 bus memory..1gb ddr2 i think...
  17. kk..dude will buy..hd 4650...u think till which year games will support my card and processor..??
  18. Well both the card and the processor are low end by today's standards. You should be ok for low resolutions at reasonable settings for a year or two.
  19. ya..kow..abt that...
  20. helloooo.. forgotten me buy graphics card man
  21. helloooo.. forgotten me buy graphics card man
  22. We already answered what you asked. What else do you want to know?
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