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I am currenly have the fx-4100 with the cooler h60 2013 edition and i have oc it to 4.2 ghz! I have order the gigabyte 660 ti OC and i want to OC to 4.5 ! My motherboard also support full 1333 mhz of ram! ( my ddr3 memory can run 1600 mhz) what i want to ask is

Will i have problems with high cpu speeds and 1333 ram speed? If yes can my mobo oc more than it can support?

Am i going to be ok with thAt cooler? Temps etc?

Thank you
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  1. That is a good cooler . What re your temps now @4.2 ? What MB do you have ? The ram should be able to run @1600 , all my 1090t and 1100t run ram @1600 , not sure you will see a big difference , I saw no change when ram ran at 1600 instead of 1333
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