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I've been trying to get my Western Digital 500GB Caviar Black to be seen as a 6GB/S hard drive by my motherboard. It is connected by a supplied 6GB/S cable to one of the 6GB/S ports on my motherboard. I have also set my hard drive, in the BIOS, to be seen as AHCI by the Marvell Controller. However, on booting up, the Marvell ROM shows my hard drive to be 3GB/S. I also have IO Level Up set to increasing SATA speed. Has anyone heard of there being such a problem on old firmware versions of the motherboard? Can anyone suggest what I should do to solve this?
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  1. Is there a jumper on the hard drive that might be limiting the speed (I remember there were compatability issues between older 1.5Gbps systems and newer 3Gbps drives, so some companies had a jumper that would limit a drive to 1.5). I'm just wondering if there's not something similar limiting the output speed of the drive itself.

    Also, dumb question, but are you sure you have a 6Gb/s HDD? I don't see any 500GB 6Gbps HDDs listed on Newegg nor Western Digital's website. They only list Caviar Black 6gbps in the 640GB and 1TB capacities.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I have the following: . On the hard drive's label is written that it supports the 6GB/S standard, but I see on the Amazon page that it is meant to have a transfer speed of 300mb/s. Could this be why it's being listed as 3GB/S? Also, there are no jumpers on the hard drive.
  3. In fact looking at the hard drive again, I see that 6GB/S isn't written anywhere. I don't know how I managed to convince myself before that it was. At least now I know that there isn't a problem with the motherboard. I now see when looking at that it is indeed 3GB/S. Thanks again for the help.
  4. It is a SATAII = SATA2 = 3Gb/s {CONTROLLER}. No HDD even comes closet the SATA2 limit of 300MB/s per device limit. I would recommend if this is your BOOT HDD to move it to the appropriate SATA1 port.

    Only an SSD, as I said no HDD, can break the 300 MB/s and then only a very few; Crucial C300 series 128 GB or larger.
  5. I'll do that.
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