A8v wont recognize sata hard drive not in bios either

I looked in the bios,and the drive isn't detected.
Even after I enabled the sata setting,also the drive isn't seen in the boot section either.
How can I make this thing work?
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  1. Is it on the native ports or the promise (extra) controller?
    Here is a link to the A8V deluxe manual if you do not have it. http://dlsvr.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket939/a8v-deluxe/e1878_a8v_deluxe.pdf
  2. This mobo is an A8v not the delux model,the only port on the board are the (native)ports
    The info you lead me to is for a delux model.
  3. You have to jumper the drive to sata 1 mode...

    After that, you need to install the driver unless you are using Win7. (maybe Vista too)
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