Adding a 5670 and a harddrive to hp computer

I have an Hp Compaq 6000 pro mt -

E8500 3.16Ghz Core 2 Duo
4 Gb DDR3 1333
DVDRW lightscribe
250GB Sata
320W stock PSU

Due to Hp's proprietary design, there's no way to upgrade the power supply without soldering cables to make a custom motherboard power connector (and custom building a new computer case). I want to add a radeon 5670 (which i've heard runs fine on a stock 300W psu) and also a 1tb internal sata hard drive. Am I good to go?
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  1. I would be surprised. The 300W requirement you've heard sounds really low to me. I'm also sure what was meant was it runs fine on a QUALITY 300W unit. Prebuilt units do not come with quality PSUs. To be honest, I'd be surprised if it will run. Keep in mind you're also trying to add another HDD to it, which increases the power requirements. In addition to that, you have to figure in any aging of the PSU, which drastically decreases the amount of power it can supply.

    If I were you, I would start saving up for a new build...
  2. It was from someone who said they had a stock 300W psu.. and from an hp psu to boot.

    Also at
    options for this unit included a radeon 4650, which may or may not be the most power hungry of those listed, but has a similar power draw to the 5670 (from what i can see, 13 watts higher at peak for the 5670, and actually less draw at idle).. As for the hard drive, yeah, I was hoping there might be a very green hard drive that would still let this system run well..
  3. If you were to replace a hard drive then it wouldn't matter. Claim 10 watts and call it even, because none of them are vastly different.

    The thing is, that's a pretty good CPU. You could always get a 775 mobo and rebuild in a real/normal case. Sell off the PSU/mobo/case, maybe even the original hard drive, somebody will want it even if they have to add their own CPU and RAM. (which should help offset getting a new case/PSU/mobo)

    You would have to do a new install of windows and stuff, but it may be worth it. Especially since you should be able to bring the RAM case PSU and stuff into the next build.
  4. Aw so are you saying that my proposed add-ons are not good choices? I'd rather just upgrade this one (even if its limited) than to start all over - this unit still has a 2 year accidental warranty.

    Check out these benchmarks for power consumption:,2552-12.html,2533-17.html

    Both charts reflect the exact same test system. 5670 draws about 13 more watts than the 4650 (4650 will work on this unit, since hp lists it). The other choice is to go for a 5570, which has LESS power draw than the 4650 (by 10 watts both load and idle), which can leave leeway for the harddrive, but is significantly less powerful than the 5670. Obviously i want to have both a 5670 and a hard drive, but if i had to choose i'd rather go for the 5670 alone, than the 5570+ hard drive.

    I actually have 2 desktops - i've already considered swapping parts around to maximize one unit, and it wasn't feasible.
  5. Also, i don't know if this makes a difference when factoring power consumption, but none of these cards require a dedicated pci-express power connector.
  6. Another interesting point - hp has one and only one power supply for this unit. That is the 320 watt power supply included in this case.. configuring the options to maximum would yield a core 2 quad processor, a graphics card, 12gigs Ram, and 2 hard drives.. They wouldn't allow these options if the power supply couldnt' handle it would they?
  7. It probably won't hurt to try. Just don't try anything over that card.

    If you don't like the switching hard drives idea there's another option. If this thing has eSATA then you could just buy an external enclosure for your proposed new hard drive instead and it would be powered separately and thereby make no difference. If you just leave it plugged in, it will act pretty much no different than it would internally.
  8. Thanks - when you say don't try anything over that card, you mean do not get an additional hard drive?

    no eSATA :( - plus i'd rather not go the external route. If i must do without more capacity, then i can live with that.
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    I meant don't try a more power hungry graphics card.

    It's on the line if I would try the second hard drive or not though. The power difference between what you listed as the max and yours with that card isn't exactly alot. But it could be just enough.

    try this
    with all the stuff you'd prefer in it and see where it comes out. Set the capacitor aging at between 10-30
  10. Thanks for the site! I'm kinda skeptical since it just gives just a general idea, but putting everything in, with the extra hard drive, at 30% aging, with a more power hungry card (5770) yielded 278W. I'm gonna go for the graphics card, and perhaps go for the hard drive after i think about it for a while.
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