Video Card Upgrade on a Gateway FX7026

I purchased a Gateway FX7026 1015336R Refurbished Desktop PC from Tiger Direct a while back. I want to upgrade my video Card to something with more power but i don't know what my motherboard/PSU can support. I would like advice on what I can purchase. If I need to upgrade the power supply as well that is fine but my graphics card seems like it's getting a bit weak for what I need.

Currently I run a duel 19inch widescreen display and so I'd like a video card that can easily run both my monitors and is compatible with my Motherboard.
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    Is this your computer? 400w PSU and a 8800gt?

    Something like a 5770 or 5750 will be able to run your screens. Maybe if you get another 19" you could try out Eyefinity, though something like the 5830 would be better suited for that (when it comes out).
  2. What kind of performance do you need for the video card? Are you gaming on both monitors or just want to run them?
  3. Yes, that link is my computer exactly thanks for finding that for me! The computer was a great deal I just wish I would have done a bit more research into how bad the motherboard sucks... This computer seems to have nearly no expandability at all... Those two ATI cards do look like a substantial upgrade over my 8800GT that came with the machine. I would greatly prefer an Nvidia card if there was one compatible with my Motherboard but will go with the ATI's if I need to.

    Currently I play WOW on one monitor and use the second monitor for web browsing and watching movies etc while gaming on the other. My motherboard only has one PCIe x16 1.0 Slot so I need a card that could run WoW (Preferably with Graphics on High) and watch a movie on the second.

    Honest answer...Is it worth it to upgrade this machine or should I just keep it around like it is and try to build one myself that is more expandable...Reading the Build your Own articles it looks like building a P55 I5-750 system is relatively cheap currently
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    I think a Q9300 processor is still pretty decent--particularly if you were to overclock it a little bit. I dont think its quite time to scrap this computer--but you can start getting good quality parts that will transfer over to a new p55 system when you do it.

    An 8800GT is a somewhat decent card, so in order to feel a substantial graphics boost I think an ATI 5770 $150 or a ATI 5830 (released soon at $2-250ish) would be a good upgrade. If you were to get a higher end card now you could justify the cost by using it in your next build. (Unfortunately, Nvidia currently has no cards I would recommend in this price range--The GTX 260 is just to hot, power hungry, and expensive)

    While you may be able to get away with it, I strongly recommend you change your power supply along with this upgrade. This could also be something that transfers to your new build p55 when you start it. The best PSU companies are Corsair, Antec, OCZ, and Seasonic. Personally I would suggest you look at the Corsair 450vx or if you plan to crossfire cards in your next build the 550vx.

    Edit: A new p55 system would probably run you around 1k.

    Also, check out Toms best GPUs for the money article from February. It has a graphics hierarchy on the last page that will give you a better idea where all the cards stand.,2544.html
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  6. Thanks!
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