Gigabyte 260 gtx 1 6 pin power connector

i have 260 gtx super oc,is one 6 pin
adapter enough.not enough 4 pin connectors
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  1. The recommended is 500 watt PSU with two 6 pin PCI Express connectors now if you have a good 500 watt PSU with atleast 36 Amps on the 12 volt rail you will be ok but you will need to buy an adapter to create another 6 pin connector.

    4 Pin molex to PCI-E 6 pin

    Only use this adapter if your PSU can handle the power draw if not upgrade the PSU.
  2. What brand and model power supply do you have?
  3. if you mean u dont have enough 4-pin MOLEX connectors to adda nother one of these:
    then ur psu probably isnt good enoigh!
  4. You can't use two 4-pin connectors that are sitting on the same line (rail) that comes out of the PSU for the 6-pin connector, if the line is less than 36A.
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