Sapphire 7770 is my OC set is safe???

Hi guys I have sapphire 7770 ghz edition the stock clock is:

GPU clock: 1150MHz
Memory clock: 1250MHz

Now i overclock my VC +100 each gpu and memory so i can match the clock of sapphire 7770 vapor x ... i use catalyst control to overclock my VC

GPU clock: 1250MHz
Memory clock: 1350MHz

I have one Question in my overclock settings

1. Is it safe to maintain this overclock settings forever or apply it when i play games only??

Thanks :D
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  1. i guess for games only..when needed..
  2. temps are thing to look at mostly. try stress testing like furmark(great for raising temps quickly), and use something like gpu-z/hw-monitor to monitor your temps
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