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Hi i have just upgraded my computer. I have installed a graphic card, a processor and a powersupply. Before i installed ny hardware, i reset my Vista system, and now i have Two problems. 1my pc cant identify my internetconnection(Lan) 2 every time my pc starts up, i get the error message: Roundll32. I have tried to Update my drivers, bur it is Linda hard, when you dont have andy Internet connections. The biggest problem is that i dont know if the error(both errors) are because i have destroyer somthing inside my computer, or i need to Update somthing. And sorry for any bad spelling, it is because i am writing from my iPod touch ;)
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  1. I would say that you have no internet connection because of wrong/missing NIC driver - this may also explain the error on boot if you have an incorrect driver.

    remove the NIC device in device manager, if you boot without error but no network connection this will confirm the fault.
  2. Shuld i deactivate it, or remove it? Because i cant deactivate it, because i keeps thinking?
  3. NIC is the network interface controller, the physical card
  4. Oky, but for some reason i cant deactivate it. Shulod i remove it Then?
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    yes, remove it and then boot - you can reinstall by detecting hardware but it will probably pick it up as an unkown device when you boot anyway
  6. i has gotten worse. I havent removed it yet, because my pc, just randomly ship Down?
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