I5 650 or i5 750

I'm thinking about getting a new desktop and had a question about the processor.

I do a lot of music recording using my computer, and this means I'm usually running one program for the instrument/microphone input, my recording software, and a drum-maker program.

I know the 750 is a quad core while the 650 is a dual core, but the 650 runs at 3.2Ghz as opposed to the 750's 2.66GHz. I'm confused as to whether the extra speed the 650 possesses will outweigh the 750's true 4 cores. For what I'm using the computer for (mainly music production, basic web surfing, and a small bit of gaming), which processor would benefit me the most?

Also, just to throw this out there, would it really be necessary to go with an i7-860 for my uses? Or would the i5 650 or 750 do fine and the i7 would be overkill?

*As far as RAM goes, the new system I'm looking at will most likely have 6 GB of dual channel RAM or 8 GB of Dual Channel RAM.

I appreciate the help and look forward to hearing what you all have to say.

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  1. Get The I5 750 the true quad core will be better for your uses the true Quad core will be best for you since you will be running multiple apps at same time the core speed isnt as important in your situation but the I5 750 can OC quite well also if needed but its base clock will be fine for your needs. Gaming will be one of the main needs of a higher clocked processor for true multitasking power get the I5 750.
  2. Hey, I asked the same question.. Maybe by reading my Thread make things more clear.. Check this.. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/281753-10-which
  3. Thanks guys, both of your replies really helped to clear things up. I'll probably be going with the 750 due to my need to multitask.
  4. I agree with for your multi-tasking needs a 'real' quad core would be better. Sounds like you're headed the right direction. The following link is to an article you may find informative; it shows the quad core Lynnfield i5 i5 750 beating the dual core / quad threaded Clarkdale i5 6xx's pretty much everywhere except for single threaded apps, the only situation where the faster clock has an advantage over the 'real' quad.

    An i7 860 probably isn't as necessary, but if your apps are multi-threaded and would use more than 4 threads it's something you could consider. If you want to read about the i7 860, check this out: http://www.anandtech.com/show/2839
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