Suggestions? AMD 2+ mobo for 8 sata HDs - non RAID

I currently have a MOBO that supports 4 sata drives. I also use an esata raid array and a NAS box which is raid too. This is all about paranoia and backing up various drives.

After a recent HD failure, I'd not like to find a mobo that will service 8 drives but individual ones not in RAID arrays. The reason is because it took ages to download my Mozy back ups so I'd like stuf locally stored too.

I already have a cecent dual core AMD2+ processor and 4GB of dual channel so its just the board I'm after. Oh it shoudl also have as many usb ports as poss too!

Appreciate suggestions people. BTW I'm in the UK. :hello:
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  1. Have a spare pci-e slot? Get an add in card...
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