Pc say ''failed to read hdd, press ctrl,alt & dlt to restart''

hey there i really need help. i helped a friend to re-install windows. he had windows Xp and i installed my win7 pro. first it failed to install when its already halfway. then at next startup i got message that say ''failed to read disk, press ctrl, alt & dlt to restart''. how can i fix this? i even tried every setting in the bios menu, i tried changing cabled in pc but nothing works contact me on my email please. phillip.vanzyl2.5@gmail.com
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  1. First, unless you knew exactly what you were doing in the BIOS, reset the BIOS to default or optimum settings.

    Now, why did you need to reinstall Windows? If there is a hardware problem such as bad memory or a failing hard drive you will not get far until you fix the hardware problem.
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