Before i buy a computer from newegg

Im thinking about buying a computer from newegg today but how are the parts they use in the computers? Also what are the warrentys? Hopfully longer then 30 days. Heres what ive been looking at. You think its good for the price?
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  1. What is your overall budget? Most won't recommend buying a pre-built system, like CyberpowerPC. My recommondation would be to held over the the Homebuilt System Forum and post using the template in this sticky.

    *How To Ask For New Build Advice*
  2. $700
  3. The system you've listed seems good for its price. It could play games at resolutions ~ 1400 X 900, @ fairly high settings (but not maxed out on some games). Also, Cyberpower is a reputed name, certainly one of the better ones amongst the custom built systems.

    It is, however, true, that you could assemble the same system at lesser costs, if you bought all the parts individually & assembled them (very easy).
    Alternatively, for the same price, you could get a better system, again by purchasing separate parts & assembling.

    However, if all of this does seem like a bother, then by all means, you could simply get the one you've listed.
    Otherwise, if you are interested in building your own & want suggestions, then get back to us :)
  4. Says in the description 1yr limited warrenty from the manufacturer.
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