What CPU do i want?? :)

I just cant figure out what i want, i go back in forth between the i5 and the AMD x4 955. Now ive been looking at the older quad cores and the older dual cores. Soooo for a gaming system that will prolly never get SLI/Crossfire, what should i go for:

-Gaming (WoW, but i want to start playing stuff like Dirt 2 :) )
-I want something that has a socket type that will last for awhile so i can pick something else up on the way :)
-Somthing that is fast enough for games with a 5870 in there
-Something that will last for awhile :)

Ive done my research but i cant decide so you guys can help me :).

Thanks Ahead! :hello:
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  1. I would go with an AMD x4 955 over an i5 do to the better upgrade path. The i5 will not be upgrading to 6-cores and the an AM3 already has support for them. Both will provide very similar performance in gaming with the i5 being slightly higher in cost. The i5 will be the better overall system but for a gaming build, the x4 955 will perform nicely!
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    Well, the Phenom 955 should last for awhile and the socket will most likely support bulldozer. I would go for at least a quad core since games are becoming more and more threaded(like BC2). The new 890FX boards also have enough Pci-e lanes for Usb 3.0, sata 6gb, and Sli/Crossfire. It's also cheaper then the i5 on platform cost.

    The 1156 socket for the i5 is already done by 2011, intel has announced the new sockets. The i5 is slightly better then the 955 when clocked the same.
  3. Does anyone have a good 150$$ or below option for a mobo for the 955?
  4. Can i go DDR3 for the 955?
  5. Yes, the 955 supports both DDR2/3 memory.
  6. Is there a good mobo for 150$$ or below?
  7. Does anyone have a build plan that i could steal?

    -4GB RAM
    -About 700$$ (With the OS)
    -I like the Asus so if that could be included :P

    Just seeing what other peeps are building... :)
  8. Ill think i have it down then ill decide that i want something higher, then ill go lower because ill feel poor. I started the research on what CPU/RAM/PSU that sort of thing to get in October :). I need to decide and go! :lol:
  9. gidgiddonihah said:
    Does anyone have a good 150$$ or below option for a mobo for the 955?

    Yes. The ASUS AM3 EVO 790X will do fine:
    $110 after MIR. Or the ASUS PRO tecmo linked to. I personally tend to stick with ASUS and Ggabyte.
  10. As for a set up:

    AMD 955
    ASUS AM3 EVO 790X
    Samsung F3 500GB
    Corsair 750TX or 650TX
    HAF 922
    2*2GB DDR3 GSkill Ripjaws
    Win 7 x64 OEM
    Cheap DVD RW

    All that should be ~$700-800.
  11. That mobo looks like the best ive seen especialy for the price! Thanks!
  12. lol how bout this:

    Win7 HP 64 Bit
    Coolermaster Haf 932
    AMD Phenom II x4 955
    Asus M4A79XtD EVO
    I already have my PSU and GPU
    G.SKill Ripjaws Series 4GB (2x2)
    WD Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 72000 RPM 16MB Cache
    LITE-ON Black SATA DVD-ROM Drive Model iHDS118-04 - OEM

    It all comes down to without figuring in 698$$ with a cheap keyboard.
  13. oops figuring in shipping :p
  14. ^ Drop the WD Blue and get the Samsung F3 which is faster. Every thing else looks good.

    You want a DVD RW, not a DVD ROM. What PSU do you already have?

    Also, if planing to OC, get a Hyper 212+.
  15. ^+1... Samsung Spinpoint F3 is a great hard drive. I have the 1TB as my storage drive and it compares nicely with my WD Velicoraptor (Game drive).
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