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Hello, I have the Asus P8Z77-V LK Socket 1155 Intel Z77 Chipset motherboard and an Intel i5-3570K Processor with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Direct Heat Pipe CPU Cooler. The bios looks like this: http://www.legitreviews.com/images/reviews/1882/p8z77-v-deluxe-bios-1.jpg

To make the processor go at a speed of 3.8ghz all you do is click the dial with the fire coming out of it. But if i do this and save it and when i restart my computer it says overclocking failed. I almost 100% sure that my system can handle to overclock to just 3.8ghz, can someone help me? whats the problem? and how can i solve it? and also is there another way i can overclock it to a higher speed? Thank you!
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  1. Search up overclocking... There's a ton of threads on here alone about overclocking. I NEVER overclock using some software or automatic overclocking feature. 95% of the time they are either a complete waste of time or over/under estimate settings. Learn about overclocking and using the BIOS to do so. You'll be happy if you do.

    The reason I'm not simply telling you how? There's a list of them...

    There's a million of threads on here just about overclocking the 3570k (Maybe not a million but a bunch)

    The internet is absolutely full of guides about overclocking Ivy Bridge processors like yours.

    If you look into the BIOS and start learning about the terms there are, making a list and learning about what they are and what they do.. You'll know what to do.

    Last but not least, simply doing what someone tells you doesn't teach you a dang thing. Learning about overclocking and what to do and not to do will help you save possible fried processors, stability issues, and even that ever so famous "I broke my computer it won't boot... clearing CMOS issue that many know of".

    So go into the bios, list the options you have on paper. Go back into windows and LEARN everything you can first. I suggest you know enough to have a plan when you go into the BIOS to start clocking like this..

    I'm going to start with my multiplier at X
    I will have my voltage set to x.xxxv
    I better make sure to set this option to X
    I need to check for stability in windows with IntelBurnTest and Prime95 and then see if I can go further.

    That way you learn, know, and own that machine and can push amazing clocks or modest clocks. :) So do yourself a favor and learn all about overclocking before you do overclock.
  2. Thanks man, could you by chance link me to the best overclocking guide in your opinion? and what would be best for a beginner?
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