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I have a Lenovo v570 with a Nvidia GeForce 410m with cuda. It came with windows 7 and everything works well. However I just got bored of windows 7 and I'm yearning for xp.
I installed xp and got everything to work except the Nvidia driver. In their website there is only the windows 7 nvidia driver available.
I searched http://www.geforce.com/drivers/results/26388 and got a driver for the 400m series. I tried the software and it didn't work, message << THIS GRAPHICS DRIVER COULD NOT FIND COMPATIBLE GRAPHICS HARDWARE >>.

I also tried : http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/topic/29285-v29610-windows-xp-32bit-nvidia/
This time the error message <<REQUIRED FILES ARE MISSING>>

Any help will be grateful.
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  1. Did you also install XP Service Pack 3 and DirectX 9.0c?
  2. Go to the computer manufacturer website and see if there is an xp driver, why go backwards?
  3. I have sp3 and direct x 9 all installed. I simply prefer xp to 7.
  4. Perhaps you still need to install the chipset driver?
  5. I already said that I have everything installed but the VGA driver. The onboard intel graphics process or is already working which needs the the chipset driver before it works.
  6. medwatt said:
    I already said that I have everything installed but the VGA driver.

    Well, 'everything' means different things to different people, that is why I has to ask rather than assume.

    A quick Google search shows MANY people with the same issue. It seems you must use the laptop supplied video driver; you cannot use a universal Nvidia driver. Since Lenovo does not support XP on this laptop, you seem to be out of luck.
  7. You may do following. Take driver from Nvidia, where there is driver for Geforce 520M. Then substitute two lines in .inf file containing info about 520M, to 410M. Probably, you’ll get a message “required files are missing”. Then find what file is missing by Russinovich utility. In my case it was a file with extention without last symbol “_”. When I replaced extention of that file, installation completed successfully. I take this algorithm for 410M from http://forum.ru-board.com (in russian).
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