I7-930 idles @40-45 but pushing over 80 @max load is normal?

i got a i7-930 on Asus P6T X58 board. using Thermaltake JING cooler with adjustable fan of 800-1300 rpm, i've set it to 900 rpm as i found only very small different between 800 and 1300 rpm. about 2-3 degree cooler.

today i test its running about 39-46'c at idle, core 1 & 3 always hotter than core 2 & 4.

but when i crank it up it's pushing over 80'c , crank up the fan to 1300 rpm makes no difference. (about 1.5 minute test). see picture below

is it too high, what are the chances that it could go overheat? and is it normal that my CPU is using 146w when the factory max TDP is 130w ?
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  1. I'm no expert but for a quick response I heard that Speedfan results are inaccurate. Try using core temp and see what you're getting. From what I read it gives better results as I currently use it my self. But I'm not knowledgeable on it. And as for the 80c that's very hot.
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