Arctic Silver 5 application for i5 + Hyper 212 Plus

I recently purchased an i5-750 CPU with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. I am reading conflicting instructions on how to apply this paste to the CPU. For my single-core Athlon 4000+, I remember simply applying a bead-sized amount and moving the heatsink around to spread it. What is the optimal application for a quad-core i5-750 with a Hyper 212 Plus heatsink?
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  1. You can apply several bead size amounts over the cpu, dab them gently to get a genera, even spread & then install the cooler. Take care not to let the paste ooze out from the periphery. For that, don't apply it anywhere near the periphery.
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    HDT type coolers require a little bit of a different apllication
  3. The Arctic Silver 5 i5 instructions actually say to apply a vertical line, but I'm guessing that's with the stock cooler.

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