F; file is not accessible the file or directory is currupted and unreadable

Hello, I was deleting an old phone back up, off my external hard disk drive, and while it was deleting my computer locked up and i had to do a hard restart, and after rebooting my PC i got this error message while i was trying to access my external HDD. F:\ is not accessible.
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
and the file format went from NTFC to RAW.
i need a way to fix this problem. after some research i found out that this could be a partition problem. i need any help i can get please! i need this HDD to work so i can recover all my files music pic's software everything is on that! please help!
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  1. I would try using some recovery software like Recuva. As you have seen, if you disconnect an external drive during a write it is often corrupted.
  2. so if i were to try this program, it'll let me recover everything on the HDD. copy to another, then reformat to NTFC. and transfer everything back to it, plug it into my old desktop, and it'll boot windows perfectly?
  3. No guarantees, but yes I have used it in Windows many times to recover files from partitions that users accidentally deleted. Recuva is free and will not cause any further damage but it does not always work to solve the problem.
  4. yeah but the thing is, the files didnt get deleted, atleast i don't think they did, i just cant access the drives, shows up as a local disk F or G and says file directory is currupted and unreadable, trying to find a way i can access that drive, so if i do use this recuva , i can transfer out files from a hard drive i dont even have access too?
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    I understand your issue, and yes that is what Recuva is for -- recovering files from drives and devices that Windows cannot access. Files don't really get deleted when partitions are deleted or files are deleted. That is why reovery programs work. Here is a review of Recuva:
  6. alrighty thanks :) i'll try the program
    thanks again!
  7. program works perfectly, i managed to saved some of my ebooks, now i just need a spare HDD to copy the entire contents of the broken HDD so i can reformat it, thanks for the recuva tip, you pretty much saved me hundreds in books music everything!
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