Do I need to buy more SATA cables?

The motherboard I bought, the EVGA x58 LE, comes with 2 SATA data cables and 1 SATA power cable. I currently have an OEM HDD, OEM SSD, and an OEM DVD burner. So I need to buy one more SATA data cable...and how many more power cables? :heink:
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  1. does your mobo come with an IDE (ribbon) connector? Does one of your OEM devices support it?

    You could do that. Not sure if performance would be hindered though....
  2. None of them support IDE, and the mobo didn't come with one anyways. It's a x58 chipset, no way would it come with IDE lol.
  3. If your power supply doesn't have SATA cables enough for 3 devices already then I'm betting your power supply is old/and or crappy and you need a new one.

    If you're using such a new mobo, there is no excuse.
  4. This rig hasn't been built yet. My Corsair 750w PSU is coming in the mail, so I don't know what cables it comes with.
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    Oh, lol.

    Then you just need to buy the SATA data cable. You may as well have the power cables for supper. (They're totally worthless for that system then, since their only real use is to allow an older system to give power to the new drives. That is a new PSU and will have those needed connectors.)
  6. Thank you! Any recommendations for a good SATA cable brand? There are so many...
  7. Any brand of sata cable will do.
    You might want to get one with a right angle connector for your dvd burner.
    Get one long enough to run from the most distant sata component to your motherboard. A bit longer is OK.
    From an aesthetic point of view, you might want to match the color of the supplied motherboard cables.
    From a practical point of view, I like to use different colors to more easily identify which cable goes where.

    FWIW many X58 motherboards will also have legacy IDE capability.
  8. The TX750w has two lines, each with 4 SATA power connectors and two lines, each with 4 molex and a floppy drive power connector. Unless you have an abnormally large number of drives, you will have plenty of power connectors.

    I like the 750.
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  10. I have too many SATA cables from motherboard boxes so I never actually need to buy any at all.
  11. same here, good ol S939 board had 8 sata ports (4 NV, 4 Sil RAID) and the board came with 8 sata cables
  12. Glad this thread was here, I just bought a new OEM HDD and wasn't sure if I needed to order a cable too, oops check the motherboard, it has them:)
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