NVIDIA 8800GTX trouble

I've been having problems with the graphics card mentioned in the topic. It bluescreened the first time when I played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and it happened about the time when I replaced two of my RAM modules (Don't remember whether it was before or after). Whenever I try to update the driver for the graphics card my computer bluescreens and restarts before I get to the login screen.
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  1. I had my 8800 gtx go. Allot of the 8800 gtx's eventually went. Have you got any artifacts happenin? I say RMA it if you can.
  2. Not sure what you mean by "artifacts" :P, RMA? :P
  3. Degon said:
    Not sure what you mean by "artifacts" :P, RMA? :P

    artifacts= odd colors, lines, and squares.
    RMA= Return merchandises agreement
  4. Yeah, actually I got alot of odd colours and squares ad stuff when before Windows really starts, it goes away when I reach the login screen, and this is when I have the drivers uninstalled.
  5. i have the same problem with my 8600gts,i get red dots allover the bios screen then blue dotted lines allover the screen when loading then it crashes,i can start the system in safe mode though,but when i install latest nvidea driver it crashes my system on restart with the said coloured dots on screen
  6. Would be much appreciated if someone could come with a solution to this :P
  7. I think you may have a driver conflict somewhere.
    The 8800GTX is an outstanding card. Hell Nvidia used the exact same card and called it 9800 GT.

    Artifacting is an ugly factor on mutlible points. you could have RAM errors. Card Malfunction, or OS moodiness.

    I will make a guess and say you are having OS problems. Mainly due to how well the 8800GTX is made. Store important date and format sweep to fresh OS should solve.

    You could fix it without doing a format, but it will take some IT knowledge to pull that one off.
  8. logitic - the 9800 GT is a G92 core, identical to an 8800GT. The 8800GTX is an older (and much more power hungry) G80 core, and actually is slightly higher performance.

    If you're getting graphics artifacts before Windows even starts, a toasted GPU is fairly likely. I had similar symptoms recently when my laptop's Geforce Go 7950 GTX decided to fry itself while I was playing Company of Heroes.
  9. If you are having artifacts and windows is shutting down send the card back into the manufacturer to get a new card. This is exactly what happened when my 8800 GTX went. What manufacturer is the card (EVGA, XFX, BFG, ASUS ect.)? Also where did you get the card? (Local store, newegg, EBAY ect)?
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