How do i use a via vt6421 PCI raid controller

I cant figure out how to use the damn thing. I found it in a box in my room and i plugged it in and when i started back up windows it installed the drivers and stuff but when i had 2 ide drives plugged in it would freeze every 35sec then unfreeze and repeat. etc. i dont know if its my motherboard or not but my motherboard is a g31m-s r2.0. Do i need software for it or something? if i do i couldnt find any online. Any help?
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    1) Wander over here: and download the latest drivers for your OS and read the directions.
    2) If it still freezes with the latest drivers and a newly-built RAID array, return it if it is in warranty and throw it out if it is not.

    That is one old device. It's top speed will be limited by the SATA I interfaces and the old PCI 33 MHZ bus.
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