How to backup a 7TB Synology Server

I just purchased a Synology DS411+II and will configure it with their SHR configuration (similar to RAID5 I think) and the following 4 drives: (2) 3TB and (2) 2TB. This should effectively give me a little less than 7TB of space. The problem I am having is finding a way to backup this server for offsite storage. Right now I have 4TB of files I will put on the server. What is the best, and hopefully, cost-effective way of backing up the data to an external source of about 6TB? I think this would work with a Synology server, right:

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much!
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    It should work, but keep in mind:

    1) Your connector type. USB2 for multi TB of data is way too slow .. trust me. I'd ensure you have the e-sata or FW800 (maybe not if your on a Mac) connector to use this.

    2) For the extra $80 go with the 6GB. Even assuming you can compress the 7TB down to 4TB, you don't actually get 4TB out of this once it's formatted. Parity data will take up further room and if you have extra space you can use it for incremental (daily) backups.

    3) Make sure you have real backup software. My experience is that the stuff that ships with Windows & these hardware are functional but not optimal and tend not to work with OS upgrades 100% of the time. This may have changed, but good software is a time saver .. especially when your looking for that one file in a Zip file from months ago.

    4) Make sure this will fit, securely and dry, in where you plan on storing it offsite. One client bought a similar set-up to store his office's BUs in his safe at home .. problem is that the safe was just too small (by a inch or so) due to the shelves built into the safe :heink:

    Last place I worked at had an external LTO-5 Tape system. Initial cost is much higher but long term costs (if you plan on doing daily or weekly backups with lots of data) is less. Of course there are issues with tape as well (software, cartridge availability & speed to name a few).

    Good luck
  2. I definitely want to use eSATA which this uses. I don't have a MAC, but I'd be connecting the WD My Book to the Synology server anyways.

    You're right, I'd need to go with the 6TB option. I should have seen that one.

    Synology is Linux based and from what I read, their backup software is pretty good. I'm only backing up what's on the server anyways, not my PC.

    Yes, the safe I have is large enough, which was something I made sure.

    Do you know if there is anything cheaper than the WD My Book Studio II - 6 TB or is this pretty much the setup I should take?
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  4. i bought a Synology DS413 with 4x 3TB HD's and planned to use one of my Western Digital My book's studio edition 2x 3TB as a 6TB (RAID-0) eSATA backup but it doesn't show up in the NAS. Also not in RAID-1 or usb connected.
    My other 500GB my book shows up in de NAS with eSATA and usb.
    Also my second My book studio edition x 3TB doesn't show up in the NAS... :-(

    i should be able to add my experience to this list i found:
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