What should I do next? Upgrade or just Overclock

PC Specs:
CPU:Q6600 at 2.4 (had it at 3.2 before CMOS reset)
GPU:8800 GTS 640 MB (no OC)
RAM: 8 Gbs Fatality 1066 mhz, running at 800 mhz because I cant tune it right in bios.
3 500 Gb baracuda hard drives
Power supply: some crappy stock acer PSU with 450 watts

I'm on a budget so I was wondering whats my next best move, I wanted to be able to run battlefield: bad company 2 as high as I can go without breaking my wallet, but keeping the game looking nice.

Do you think if I overclock my CPU and GPU up that I can keep up with todays standards alright?
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  1. you should be good for a little while longer, OC your q6600

    upgrade later when you have the money
  2. Cool thanks
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