Amd fx 8320 overclock help.

hello i want to try to overclock my cpu.
if i put it on 4 gig its stable whith prime95 voltage auto.
if i put it on 4,2 whith voltage auto ore 1.425 and do prime95 i get after a few minitus, torture faillere 0 errors, 100 warning.
i have no problems playing games and also no problem doing benchmarks.
what do you think it is.
all the rest is set on default settings in the bios, so i dident changed anithing then the mp and voltage.

fx 8320
mobo asus m5a97 r. 2.0
16gb g-skill ripjaws 2133
mugen 3
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  1. What temps are you getting?

    primer95 stress your right and CPU at max, something that a game or normla day use will not do. Check your temps, if the rig is enough stable for play games and do all your stuffs without any kind of problem, I think that 4,2GHz is good for you.
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