New Build Feels Sluggish

Just finished my new rig:

Phenom 965 BE - Currently running with a low of 27C and a high of 37C (core temp has me at 27 right now as I type)

Zalman 9900 cooler /w Tuniq-3 paste

4GB G.Skill

XFX 5850


Gigabyte 790x UD4 mobo

Thermaltake Element G with 800w Tt PSU

Vista Business 64 bit

I've got my HDD connected to Channel 0 but it's registering as Channel 2 master... I can't help but feel like my HDD is just not working properly/up to speed. Also, my Windows Experience index is giving my CPU a 5.9 and my graphics card a 1.0, all drivers installed, chipset, etc. Makes no sense.

What the hell's going on?
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  1. This is definitely running slow... I don't understand what's going on. I was gonna try playing Crysis and it's taking forever to install. It's so sluggish I don't understand.
  2. I can't even play Crysis... Someone's gotta have an idea. This is nuts
  3. I made some suggestions in your post in the CPU forum on possible issues... check it out and see if it helps out any.
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