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I am currently using 2gb of kingston ddr3 ram with q8400 on intel dg41kr mobo. I plan to upgrade it to 4gb ddr3 ram.

will i see any performance benefit in gaming? i play in 9600gt. as it is a low end card i get minimum framerate as low as 10 in jc2.

will this increase in 4gb ram?
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  1. Additional RAM will provide little benefit in gaming.

    You'll get the biggest bang for the buck by upgrading your 9600GT. Your GPU is what is holding your FPS rate down. Right now is a great time to upgrade video cards as Nvidia and ATI are in a price war with the release of ATI's 6870 & 6850. You can pick up a Nvidia GTX 460 1GB under $200 now, which is great for the value. You can get a ATI 6850 for even less.

    All of these cards will CRUSH the performance of your 9600GT.
  2. I know about the price wars of ati and nvidia. But i purchased my 9600 gt with budget in mind. currently i cannot upgrade my gpu.

    so will the minimum fps increase atleas by 2-4 fps in just cause 2 when 4gb is installed and also i am using win7 32bit os
  3. A 2 - 4 FPS increase.... I could see you getting an increase of that amount with the additional memory.
  4. tecmo34 & I would both agree 'Balance' is the key and 'Bottleneck' is the problem - in your case the GPU. The extra RAM, unless, you running low is not the bottleneck.

    Great 'Bottleneck' video -
  5. yeah i understand that my gpu is not a latest one. but it takes many recent games at high resolution with high settings.

    i get mass effect 2 50-60 fps at 1600*900 with 16xaa,split second 30fps at 16*9 at high. so what do you advise me whether to upgrade to 4gb ram or

    save my money for something else?
  6. I wasn't down playing your GPU, I was trying to answer your question about 'extra' memory. For free OC both your GPU and CPU.

    Good Luck!
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