Is this hard drive still good?

So I have a older seagate barracuda 500g 7200 rpm hard drive. My old pc was having Bsod issues and random shut downs and alot of other issues so I decided to take it apart and salvage what I could for my new build. I just want to know what the chances of my hard drive being bad and if I'm better off buying a new one. If it is reuse able then can I erase it fairly easy?
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  1. It should be reusable, just do a format on the drive to erase it!
  2. Thanks. Um as for the format. Not sure exactly how to do that. Will it be fairly strait forward once I put it in my machine? Thanks again.
  3. Yes it is. If for example you are going to install windows on it windows will give the option!
  4. Lol. Alright thanks man I think I'll manage. If I have a issue I'll hit you up:P
  5. Might be a good idea to download the diagnostics from Seagate (or whoever bought them) and run diagnostics on the drive. Just in case it's the bad part that was causing the BSOD.
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