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Hey guys i would like you experts to take a peak at what i am about to order. Please tell me if you think something is missing or i simply shouldnt buy a certain product. Thanks for all you help!

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  1. seems good to me, but I can't find the silver kill coil :) don't get any coolants - get distilled water found at the grocery/supermarket or your pharmaceuticals will do.

    would you like light in your res? might want to check out the light plugs found on frozencpu like these or these

    ah just noticed, you'll need two more fittings as they all add up to...okay I see 4 90 deg fittings. You want to go that route? they'll add restriction in you loop and affect flow/temps. I'd get regular fittings unless your case is asking for a tight spaced internal layout.

    Nice mark up though :)
    you're good.
  2. Thanks,

    Yes i was planning on buying a kill coil and some led plugs. So do all rotart fittings restrict the flow? Also i am using the 800D and the reason i wanted the 90 Degree fitting is cause i will have the 240mm down at the bottom where there is limited space.
  3. any sort of abrupt bend will induce restriction in your flow. Check the watercooling gallery and buildlog - I can't remember the name but he modded a 800D with a 240 on the bottom. Check it out before pulling the gun - as far as I can recall, he used compression fittings(nonbendy) or was it straight barbs...
  4. OK also do you by chance know if there is any compatibility issue with the xfx 7970 Ghz Edition and the koolance waterblock. Also would you recommend the EK one over the koolance?
  5. regarding block maker, I'd def stay away from EK nickeled blocks - but the rest of the blocks offered by EK are good performers. Brands, designs and pricing usually steer people towards a particular block -> what are they for you?

    as far as EK is concerned drop in your info here and compare them with the availability on your purchase sites -> remember stay away from the nickel blocks :)

    for Koolance

    there are others out there in the field of full cover blocks;
  6. Well i guess ill just stick with koolance as i like the price point and have heard good things about koolance. I looked at some performance comparisons between Heatkiller, Koolance and EK and all were very close. While i have your wonderful help here do you have any knowledge on Enzotech Fittings. I like the look and price of them but i dont want to regret getting them over Bitspower. Do you think there is any big difference like Leak Chance, Build Quality, or restricting flow?

  7. leak is due to user error, not makers. Though inspect any hardware you get by looking at the rubber O-rings. Speaking of which, the O rings can deteriorate if you over tighten them. Finger tight is a good approach. all fittings if straight ended will not induce any restriction -> the bends do this as well dia of tubing lower than 3/8"

    plan your loop until your parts arrive so you know where you can progress without wasting time :)

    I go on parts that suite my theme or taste as well as price and the aesthetics. These should be some that also govern purchases.
  8. I wanna try the Fusion thermo built into my Maximus V but the OD is 3/8 and im gonna be running 3/4, should i change everything to 3/8?

    Also this is my current cart. I will be ordering in the morning.

  9. leave the fusion out of your loop. If you had the x48 or another legacy chip that was hot to run, then I would've suggested the loop add in. The lil thing will add restriction to your loop for a very minimal temp gain. Won't help your overclocks any more than by less than a degree.

    whats the 45 adapter for?
  10. I just buying the adapters just incase. Thanks for all you help!
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