Is my PSU good enough for a 5850?

Hey guys,

I'm not sure on how to read the specs on this thing but I have an Earthwatts 500 EA-500D and wanted to know if I am good enough to get a 5850 or should I upgrade.

Here is a pic of the specs:

Please let me know because I don't want to get it and something goes wrong.

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  1. ur fine just go ahead and get the gfx card
  2. It is good enough.
  3. The EA-500 is a great PSU...9.5 performance rating

    if ya ever wanna check size, let this "do the math" for you.
  4. Yeah, that should easily handle the HD5850 which is quite low power for its performance. You should even have a lot of leeway to OC the card.
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